Birthdays and Celebrations

Up Coming Birthdays

Doug MThree LegacyMay 5th47 Years
Cheryl PThree LegacyMay 10th1 Year
Eddie PThree LegacyMay 12th18 Years
Melissa HThree LegacyMay 18th1 Year
Chris MThree LegacyMay 21st1 Year
Cathy SThree LegacyMay 25th1 Year
Gail RCollingwood 12 & 12April 29th9 Years
Jeanne PCollingwood 12 & 12May 23rd24 Years
Deb DNottawa Easy Does it May 928 Years
Brian ANottawa Easy Does itMay 249 Years

Darby M – Nottawa Easy Does It Group – celebrated 45 years of sobriety on Apr 10 and his remarkable accomplishment will be formally recognized on May 27 at the Nottawa United Church at 8 PM. All welcome