Birthdays and Celebrations

Up Coming Birthdays

Robert SThree LegacyJune 1st1 Year
John TThree LegacyJune 5th4 Years
Jim FThree LegacyJune 8th4 Years
Cheryl IThree LegacyJune 11th14 Years
Alisa WThree LegacyJune 11th1 Year
Marc GThree LegacyJune 12th1 Year
Mark RThree LegacyJune 14th15 Years
Shannon OThree LegacyJune 14th2 Years
Jesse VThree LegacyJune 14th1 Year
Craig RThree LegacyJune 17th13 Years
Devin RThree LegacyJune 19th 1 Year
Theresa RThree LegacyJune 21st6 Years

Darby M – Nottawa Easy Does It Group – celebrated 45 years of sobriety on Apr 10 and his remarkable accomplishment will be formally recognized on May 27 at the Nottawa United Church at 8 PM. All welcome