Barrie AA Intergroup

two hands                                         Mission Statement…

At our service center, we rely on the dedication of “12 Step volunteers” to provide a compassionate ear, offer empathy, and share valuable meeting information with anyone seeking help from A.A., including the numerous visitors and tourists in our area.

Our commitment is to serve as a continuous source of Service, Unity, and Recovery by actively working to educate, motivate, and inspire all members of our society about the happiness and joy that can be found by applying the principles of A.A. in their lives, both individually and collectively.

The Barrie AA Intergroup supplies “A.A. Approved” literature and related materials to groups and meetings, ensuring that the message of recovery always reaches those in need.

Our office is staffed by dedicated volunteers five days a week, providing support to the various groups we represent and offering a wide selection of books and supplies for purchase. Additionally, our office plays a crucial role in collaborating with the professional community to foster understanding and cooperation in our shared mission.

As part of our unwavering commitment to service, we organize and sponsor events that promote unity, share knowledge, and enhance the well-being of A.A. groups, meetings, and individuals across our Intergroup area.

As the Barrie AA Intergroup, we also publish a comprehensive “Meeting List in Print” that includes all A.A. Groups and meetings in the area. Furthermore, our website ( provides a complete listing of meetings, upcoming events, various pamphlets for newcomers, and referral links to other websites with relevant AA information.

Our role of support and service is solely funded by the generous contributions of the many groups, meetings, and individuals who make up the membership of The Barrie Intergroup.

With the principles of recovery, unity, and service guiding us, the Barrie AA Intergroup is dedicated to providing support, empowerment, and connection.

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